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Peter Kassig and the ISIS biochemistry WAR

RD-blog-number-4142 by Herb Zinser reviews the world-wide biochemistry war in human bio-computer IS = Information Systems.

In bio-physics this is known as the HIERARCHY PROBLEM.

String Theory and The Hierarchy Problem in Physics - For ...
Many physicists feel that string theory will ultimately be successful at resolving the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model of particle physics. Although it is an .
Bio-physics and the HIERARCHY PROBLEM appied to Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  and various existential  data processing structures  ....tells us  IS = Information Systems  .... has a HIERARCHY.

level 1  IS  -- main  level / main page
level 2  IS  -  sub-pages of existence ...various formats  ..each page being one FORMAT style

Thus we look at some examples.

OSLO Norway bombing  over the  OS/JCL  in the Computer Earth  BAL geography region of the  BALTICS.  
BAL = Basic Assembler Language.

Norway and Europe deny these aspects of modern existence; hence, the explanation is omitted from newspaper  reports of the OSLO  bombing and the bio-computer  BATCH JOB execution of human bio-computer IMS child records in  the  IS = Information Systems IS = ISLAND of Utoeya ( also spelling as .... Utoya).

2011 Norway attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
AUF's own ferry, MS Thorbjørn, was used by Breivik to go to Utøya. Shortly after the first shot was fired, nine people were leaving the island on the ferry, among ...
Now, let's look at the Peter Kassing execution by the IS = Information Systems group  ..... known by the Double_Helix name --> IS + IS --> ISIS.
The Peter Kassing  tragic signaling EVENT  is  from Syria in November 2014  ... and  involves biochemistry  data processing buffer problems.
Let's look at another blog post (repeated here) that describes the Peter Kassing data processing message.
RD-blog-number-4126 by Herb Zinser reviews the consequences of the citizen  United States government allowing the execution of  a COMPUTER EARTH   human expression agent  --.>  Saddam --> code --. S + add + am --> System addition access method ... VIA  the Saddam  humaniod bio-computer interface  with Nature's Sartre existential dimension.

The citizen United States government failed to properly explain the assassination of ANwar SADAT --> AN war --> Alpha Numeric war  resulted in his Base 16 hexadecimal death in Egypt.
Assassination of     Anwar    Sadat

The assassination of Anwar Sadat occurred on 6 October 1981. Anwar Sadat, the President of Egypt, was assassinated during the annual victory parade held in Cairo to celebrate Operation Badr (1973), during which the Egyptian Army had crossed the Suez Canal and taken back Sinai Peninsula from Israel at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War.[1] A fatwāapproving the assassination had been obtained from Omar Abdel-Rahman, a cleric later convicted in the US for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The assassination was undertaken by members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

Another base 16 hexadecimal tragedy occurred  at Virginia   TECH on April 16 at the Norris Hall engineering building ..with the new CAD technology --> Computer Aided Design of human CAD--> CADAVERS using the ENGLISH department brain command sentences --> the DEATH SENTENCE..

Virginia Tech shooting - Wikipedia, the free

The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia ...‎Seung-Hui Cho - ‎Liviu Librescu - ‎Kevin Granata - ‎Jamie Bishop

Virginia Tech shooting - Wikipedia, the free

Jump to Norris Hall shootings - About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses theEngineering Science and Mechanics ...‎Seung-Hui Cho - ‎Liviu Librescu - ‎Kevin Granata - ‎Jamie Bishop

System Limits and Programming Focus International

32-bit: On 32-bit COBOL systems the maximum length of a command line is .... A file is identified within a COBOL program by a filename, a user-defined word..

Above,  the newspaper announcemnt of the COBOL 32 -bit war casualties.
The Washington Post newspaper printed the bio-computer news for the readers  at COMPUTER EARTH geography computer address space ...... Base 16 hexadecimal address at --> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  -->  the White House computer science people. 

Thus we come to the ISIS code  problems  ...the ISIS code --> IS = Information Systems.. 

ISIS Terror – The Latest on ISIS Threat - NBC

Continuing coverage of the ISIS terror threat in Iraq and Syria. ... Kerry: U.S. 'Not Intimidated' By 'Well Organized' Group ISIS
. Paste HTML to embed video:.

What is IS (information system or information services › ... ›Computer Science › Computing fundamentals

IS information system is the collection of technical and human resources that provide the storage computing distribution and communication for the inf...
Thus we have a  variety of  computers     ......COMPUTER EARTH, human bio-computer, copper wire computers that use electricity, etc
Above, the magazine and its super-symetry MIRROR signal using humans ........

PCW --> Police Captain Waukesha --> PC Lutz --> Person Computer Lutz

100 -->. numeric   subset of  alpha/numeric word  -->  B100D   ..hence  the B100D number 100 demo of Police Captain LU = Logical Unit --> LUTZ.

Reflections for Captain James Lutz, Waukesha Police Down Memorial Page, Inc.

Apr 28, 1994 - Captain James Lutz was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend two ... Captain James Lutz |Waukesha Police Department, Wisconsin .... James and Theodore Oswald were sentenced in 1995 to multiple life terms for ...

Below, the Computer Earth  system 370 code region --> SY  R  --> SYSTEM Region ............
News from the SYSTEM Region in November 2014.

URGENT Video: Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS with 16

2 days ago - Screenshot taken from the ISIS video showing the beheaded American Peter Kassig and thebeheading of 16 Syrian regular army soldiers.

ISIS hostage Peter Kassig beheaded in new video - NY News

3 days ago - The horrific 16-minute video, featuring a long history of ISIS and images of a mass beheading of Syrian soldiers, concludes with the chilling ...
Super-symmetry geo-physics and EARTH LANGUAGE suggests that people  in the Hexadecimal Highway 16 region in Wisconsin are  being beheaded inside their brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR   .... INTERNAL execution / the killing of thought cells and math/science ideas. ...  .such as the Alzheimer's bio-computer memory war.

Thus we see some pieces to the BIG PICTURE of the ISIS computer science war and the incomplete explanations given by computer programmers and system software analysts.

Let's look  another blog post (repeated here) that lays the  biochemistry acids/bases foundation explanation of the  tragic  signaling EVENT.
DNA, Biochemistry, and Genetic COMMANDS

Peter Kassing american - a biochemistry IS WAR casualty

Rd-blog-number-4141 by Herb Zinser reviews the world-wide biochemistry IS wars ..Information Systems wars.


This is better known as ISIS........ the Hierarchical structure  of IS  ...sub-level IS.


The tragic signaling EVENT in biochemistry .........



U.S. Believes ISIS Video Shows Peter Kassig, American ... isis -video-purports-to-prove- pet ...
The New York Times
3 days ago - The footage released Sunday, which the Islamic State said showed it had executed Mr. Kassig, is significantly different from those of four other ...
  • New ISIS video shows beheading of American hostage ... isis -video-purportedly-sho...
    Fox News Channel
    2 days ago - The Islamic State terror group has claimed to have beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig, an aid worker and former Army Ranger, in a ...
  • Obama calls ISIS beheading of Peter Kassig 'pure evil ... isis -kassig-killing-images/
    2 days ago - American aid worker and former soldier Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS terrorists, the White House confirmed Sunday.


To understand this situation ,,we need to review the perceptions of Herbert Spencer.


  • Herbert Spencer - Page 100 - Google Books Result
    Principles of Biology, Spencer admits that he had not sufficiently emphasised the fact of ... If life be correspondencebetween internal and external relations, then ...
  • Herbert Spencer and the Invention of Modern Life
    Mark Francis - 2007 - ‎Biography & Autobiography
    Spencer's focus on "organic correspondence " relied on the emphasis given to ... of the notion that internal changes correspond to external environmental forces: ...
  • [PDF] Herbert Spencer's Theory of Causation*
    Ludwig von Mises Institute
    by GH Smith - ‎ Cited by 7 - ‎ Related articles
    In An Autobiography Herbert Spencer recalls that he "early became pos- sessed by the idea of ..... Spencer applies this theory of indirect correspondence to all knowledge in rather ... adjustment of internal relations to external relati~ns."~Un.
  • §7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer herbert spencer /the-data-of-ethics/s.7
    ... in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more ... said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to externalrelations. 


In the November ... year 2014 tragic signaling EVENT we read about the EXTERNAL event in Syria with EARTH LAB specimen Peter Kassing american --> Intials --> PKa


Below, SYmmetry Region --> SY R --->  assigned to the Earth geography site of SYRia.

Thus we look at Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE to help understand the message.



 Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE  is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts,etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOLMACHINE. 

Using Galileo'ssuggestions  of  " 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS" we now perceive S artre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more dataspaces....... the  2  CHIEF existential entities 

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc. 
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control systemflowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc. 

Maps and Territories -Rijnlandmodel

Languagein Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa. 
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories 
There is a sense in which we  all live in two worlds.


Peter Kassig american --> Darwinian selection of him for his SYMBOL MACHINE code -->PKa 


Acids, Bases, and pH - Essential Biochemistry
John Wiley & Sons
KOH, Potassium hydroxide ... In part 1 of this tutorial, we saw that in pure water, a very small percentage of the H2O molecules dissociate to form H and OH – ... Below is a table listing some common weak acids and 
their Ka and      pK      values.



Note how K values for weak acids tend to be very small numbers. Because these numbers with exponents tend to be cumbersome, K values are usually converted to pK values, much in the same way as [H ] values are converted to pH.

pK a   =  – log K a

For example, the K of acetic acid is 1.74 x 10 –5 .

The pK for acetic acid is therefore pK = –log (1.74 x 10 –5 ) = 4.76.

Below is a table listing some common weak acids and their K and pK values.



Acid NameFormulaFound inapK a
Carbonic acid 
(weak acid)
CO 3Sea water, human blood, soft drinks4.5 x 10 –76.35
Acetic acid 
(weak acid)
CH COOHVinegar, spoiled wine1.74 x 10 –54.76
Lactic acid 
(weak acid)
CH CH(OH)COOHActive muscles, milk, microorganisms1.40 x 10 –43.85
Formic acid 
(weak acid)
HCOOHPoison in stings from ants and nettle plants, leather manufacture1.78 x 10 –43.75
Hydrofluoric acid 
(weak acid)
HFSemiconductor manufacture, glass etching6.76 x 10 –43.17
Hydronium ion 
(the dividing line)
+Water, aqueous solutions1        0    
Hydrochloric acid 
(strong acid)
HClStomach, industrial processes2.0 x 10 6–6.3 

Note that the smaller the K , the larger the pK . Thus, stronger acids are represented by larger K values,


Thus we have the concept of biochemistry  military acids and biochemistry military  bases composed of molecules and biochemistry  processes  inside your human body ...the INTERNAL component mentioned by Herbert Spencer .....and the correspoindence to the EXTERNAL  PKa  display VIA human  messenger display device named PKa --> Peter Kassing american.





Acids & Bases Problem Set - The Fort Hood  Biology Project biochemistry /.../10t.html
University of Arizona
Biochemistry at The Biology Project ... pK a and pH. Tutorial to help answer the question. The correct operational relationship between pK a and pH is that: ..



The pH  biochemistry  conflict was  Fort (LAB)  HOOD, Texas ...... pH --> personnel HOOD.

Representing NATURE's systems  was biochemistry   MAJOR ... Major Hasan.


On November 5, 2009, a mass murder took place at Fort Hood , near Killeen, Texas [ 1 ] Nidal Malik Hasan , a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist , fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] The shooting produced more casualties than any other on an American military bas 



  • Biography of Nidal Hasan, suspect in shooting at Fort Hood › Metro › Virginia
    The Washington Post
    Nov 7, 2009 - Members of Hasan's mosque speak about Fort Hood shooting ... a bachelor's degree in biochemistry with honors and minors in biology and chemistry . ... Commissioned as a captain, he was promoted to major in May.
  • Nidal Malik Hasan's connection with Virginia Tech | Virginia ...
    Virginia Tech
    Nov 6, 2009 - According to Virginia Tech records, Nidal Malik Hasan first enrolled at ... degree with honors in biochemistryfrom the College of Agriculture and ...
  • Hence, the Darwinian selection of Major Hasan to deliver Nature's molecular cell biology WAR  ... military message to the  INTELLECTUAL community.



Nidal Malik Hasan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hasan
He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry .
He also served in the ROTC as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg. 
Therefore, from Nature's point of VIEW .... the  EARTH government  Land Grant given to Virginia TECH ..qualifies Nidal Hasan as an EARTHLING who received biochemistry military training VIA
 Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE's college biochemistry military textbooks.
This system is well-known to the general public.


The above college textbook by Campbell  has its Pentagon  military installation ..below.

Thus we see the acids and bases war at universities  ... inside the brain ..the symbols and concepts FIGHT .... have yourbrain axon SYMBOL PROCESSING  abilities  gotten the ax   by a television show  EM attack.... or by language manipulation tricks ..... etc,.  




The above blog post articles stressed 2 major concepts.


1) base 16 data processing message  of ISIS regarding the Peter Kassig

2) Peter Kassing america --> initial PKa biochemistry     OR

....Peter Ka ----------> again --> code --> PKa  acids/bases



Together. the  concepts cover biochemistry molecules and their data processing processes.


  • 6. - Essential Biochemistry
    John Wiley & Sons
    The pKa is a measure of the weak acid's ability to ionize. Thus, pH and pKa seem ... graph: how the pH of a buffered solution changes as acid or base is added.
  • Acids, Bases, and pH - Essential Biochemistry
    John Wiley & Sons
    Buffers help biochemists study biomolecular reactions in the laboratory by stabilizing the pH of solutions used for ... The pKa for acetic acid is 4.76. ... A buffer is a solution that resists a change in pH when acids or bases are added to it.
  • Appendix: Acid-Base Concepts - Biochemistry - NCBI ...
    National Center for Biotechnology Information
    by JM Berg - ‎2002
    Inspection of equation 4 shows that the pKa of an acid is the pH at which it is half ... Buffers. An acid-base conjugate pair (such as acetic acid and acetate ion) ...
  • Buffer solution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For uses not related to acid-base chemistry, see Buffer (disambiguation). ... Simulated titration of an acidified solution of a weak acid (pKa = 4.7) with alkali.


Data buffer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer science, a data buffer (or just buffer) is a region of a physical memory  storage used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another..... 


Typically, the data is stored in a buffer as it is retrieved from an input device (such as a microphone) or just before it is sent to an output device (such as speakers). However, a buffer may be used when moving data between processes within a computer. This is comparable to buffers in telecommunication. Buffers can be implemented in a fixed memory location in hardware—or by using a virtual data buffer in software, pointing at a location in the physical memory. In all cases, the data stored in a data buffer are stored on a physical storage medium. A majority of buffers are implemented in software, which typically use the faster RAM to store temporary data, due to the much faster access time compared with hard disk drives. Buffers are typically used when there is a difference between the rate at which data is received and the rate at which it can be processed, or in the case that these rates are variable, for example in a printer spooler or in online video streaming.

A buffer often adjusts timing by implementing a queue (or FIFO) algorithm in memory, simultaneously writing data into the queue at one rate and reading it at another rate.



Buffers are often used in conjunction with I/O to hardware, such as disk drives, sending or receiving data to or from a network, or playing sound on a speaker


Buffers can increase application performance by allowing synchronous operations such as file reads or writes to complete quickly instead of blocking while waiting for hardware interrupts to access a physical disk subsystem; instead, an operating system can immediately return a successful result from an API call, allowing an application to continue processing while the kernel completes the disk operation in the background. Further benefits can be achieved if the application is reading or writing small blocks of data that do not correspond to the block size of the disk subsystem, allowing a buffer to be used to aggregate many smaller read or write operations into block sizes that are more efficient for the disk subsystem, or in the case of a read, sometimes to completely avoid having to physically access a disk.



Thus the terminology used by the copper-wire computer industry ..their hardware and software ...may also partially describe INTERNAL biology systems, biochemistry molecules using Nature's software,  and Central Nervous System 370 SYMBOL PROCESSOR  data buffers  ..... using brain electron circuits or molecular pathways .............  with acids and bases ..  Nature's  molecule military bases within the human body.





Thus the node of Ranvier ...... 

node/command, control, communications, and computers ...,+control,+communicatio...
Definition of node/command, control, communications, and computers node in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of node/command, control, communications, and ...

Buffer Sharing in Computer-Communication Network Nodes
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
by M Rich - ‎1977 - ‎Cited by 20 - ‎Related articles
among a number of output lines in a single node (for example, in a message ... In addi-. Paper approved by the Editor for Computer Communication of the.




Examples of human  internal  DP =  Data Processing software systems

a) B100D Pressure --> code DP

b) eye/ iris / optical nerve verb -->   100k  --> 100 k   photon/em data stream processor of pictures/ graphics/ letter/ equations, etc. 


c) iris --> subset code --> Is --> Information Systems component of the human eye









The military message from year 1997 has been ignored .........

The Mind Has No Firewall - Strategic Studies Institute - U.S. ...
Strategic Studies Institute
From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. ... The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the si

The Mind Has No Firewall - excerpt from an Army article on ...
Oct 19, 2004 - 8 posts - ‎5 authors
From "The Mind Has No Firewall" by Timothy L. Thomas. Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. ... various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. ... It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for ... ............
and the 1997 article implies IS --> Information Systems conflicts  ...hence, the evolution of ISIS in   COMPUTER EARTH LANGUAGE geography expression region
--> SY + R  --> SYSTEM Region --> assigned to physical geography location SYRIA.
Thus we have few concepts that are suggested by the data generating signaling EVENT involving Peter Kassing.

U.S. confirms Is --> Information systems --> Islamic State  (STATE of MIND brain electrons circuits)  beheading of American
USA Today
2 days ago - The radical jihadist group ISIS or ISIL has released a video it says shows American aid worker Peter Kassig being beheaded in Syria. ... The White House confirmed that the Islamic State did claim the life of American Army ....
Kassig's parents, Ed and Paula Kassig, released a statement Sunday that they are

 Ed and Paula Kassig

 Ed  Paula Kassig

 Ed P  --> bio-computer  identifier humans code -->  EDP agents --->


Insuring Electronic Data Processing Equipment - Woodland ...
Only the smallest retailer can operate without a computer cash register. ... the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) form responds to the need to protect hardware, ...
Thus we see, in year 2014, the Darwinian selection of proper nouns (symbol life identifiers associated with physical biology people)    ... the selection of those proper noun PEOPLE  by Nature to convey a message about the evolution of  computer  systems and  software EDP   ... from the copper -wire models of year 1960 thru 1990 the human bio-computer and the Carl Jung collective  ...human  GROUP MIND computer and its problems in thinking clearly.
Perhaps, some researchers  can continue and enhance this investigation .. using the database of Peter  Kassig and his EDP parents ..... and additional data such as the Base 16 hex shooting on April 16 at Virginia TECH.

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